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How We Work


In the world of GIS and Geomatics, getting 'close enough' isn't good enough. You need accuracy and that's exactly what we deliver. With a team of individuals proficient in data collection, you'll benefit from the accuracy of the maps we produce.


If there's something you want and we can't deliver, we're not going to pretend. Because we value integrity and honesty, we'll search until we find the expert that will be able to deliver what you expect -- excellence.


In addition to our pledge of being confidential with the critical data we obtain from or for you, you can also rest assured that we employ numerous security measures in the transfer of your maps.

Who We Are?

Construction-21_mini (1)AccuMapping is a trusted name in both the GIS, geomatics and aerial ortho-photography industries. Since 1980, we have established ourselves as leaders in our field of expertise. Our highly skilled team is committed to delivering the best project solutions for our clients as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. Our clients range from individual property owners through to major construction and engineering companies, developers & government departments. We use the latest equipment and surveying techniques in order to deliver accurate and reliable maps.

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International GIS Award Winner – California USA


Testimony from the very first ESRI Young Scholar Award Winner From Lebanon: Rami Kanaan

Published in the e-newsletter of Khatib & Alami – Esri Lebanon, July 2016.
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When I learned that I have won, I was overwhelmed and extremely thrilled for being the very first Young Scholar from Lebanon.Attending the annual User Conference was always a dream of mine, but I would have never imagined that my research project would reach this far, to finally take part in the largest GIS event on the planet as a winner.This was my first time in San Diego, and let me say that I was blown away by its gorgeous scenery and amazing people. I was astonished to see a GIS event as large as Esri’s User Conference, it was attended by more than 15,000 GIS professional from 138 countries, with diverse backgrounds, having all one thing in common, to share and learn.My favorite part of the UC was presenting my work to the participants at the Map Gallery and meeting with the Young Scholars from all around the world. But the most breathtaking moment I went through was during the award ceremony when we received the award and met with Esri’s president Jack Dangermond. That was truly a unique experience and once in a lifetime opportunity. I am honored to have received this award, I would highly recommend the UC event for anyone working with GIS, beginner or professional. Since all the technical workshops and sessions were of a great value, selecting the ones to attend was very hard for me, so it was a matter of prioritizing the ones that would help improve my project, as well as my future career. During the breaks between the presentations, I had the amazing opportunity to discuss with Esri solutions & products staff, the several issues that I was facing while developing my project (LSDSS), which was very fruitful. And finally, I would like to dedicate this achievement to my family, my supervisor Dr. Chadi ABDALLAH, the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) where this research was conducted and the Islamic University of Lebanon. Without your unselfish support, I would have never made it. And most importantly, thank you Esri Lebanon for believing in my project, your assistance and hospitality are greatly appreciated. You all made my trip a much better experience